What is BMR and how is it relevant to Muscle Mass

BMwhat? Your BMR or basal metabolic rate is essentially how much energy you need to consume to stay as you are currently. Why is this an important number to know? It is your starting point to figure out how much food you should be eating if you have goals like putting on muscle mass, losing weight, changing body composition, or just trying to maintain your current weight.

I want to talk quickly though about the relation of muscle mass that plays on your metabolic rate and why we do some of what we do at SchuBox Athletics.

Muscle at rest (meaning when you are binging on the new Netflix show)burns almost 3x as many calories as fat does and thats not including what it burns when repairing itself (like after a WOD) or energy expenditure (during activities)! Meaning if you can put on some more muscle mass the amount of food you can be indulging in can go up or stay the same and still change your body composition.

WHOA whoa whoa - PUT ON MASS?!? For those looking to lose weight stay with me a minute. I’m talking about muscle mass so if a 140# person can change their body composition to drop from say 24%to 18% of bodyfat, but stay at the same weight then at rest they would be burning an extra 50 calories a day just sitting on the couch (which I don’t condone but...) and I guarantee they would look a lot different.

So what do we at SchuBox Athletics to help you out? Well I know everyone likes to redline and go hard but when we slow it down and do our longer Volume EMOM’s (every minute on the minute) workouts we are trying to keep our heart rate a little lower and push volume to a certain muscle group to promote blood flow, produce time under tension, and muscle break down so our bodies are forced to make an adaption and repair/build muscle in recovery. Its also why we try and limit similar muscle groups being used back to back. Although it happens time to time. The recovery is where your body repairs your muscle and sends signals for them to grow a bit bigger this time around and with enough protein and energy add some lean muscle mass. Hope this helps you look at building muscle (hypertrophy) and these EMOMs with the rest periods in a bit of different light and helps you enjoy them even more.

Happy Gainz hunting and if you googling gyms near me (you) and in the Tri-Valley go ahead and check out the free trial!