He vs She vs Me

Comparison culture and the damage occurring in your own Journey.

In today’s time it can be easy to get caught up (especially with IG) in all the cool stuff everyone else is doing. An insidious thought starts to creep in though comparing yourself to everyone else’s ‘cool’ adventures and activities. This thought can lead to wanting more or the next best thing right now. Obviously we all know it’s only a snap shot in time and not everyday is like that, but that thought stays there.

The same thing can happen with your fitness journey as well. At first we are happy to get moving but then as the time passes our goal looks so far away. Meanwhile the girl next to me is doing a heavier weight and the guy that doesn’t look very fast is smoking me on the runs. I start to let that comparison creep in again. Obviously it isn’t all bad as it can drive you to improve but losing sight of your journey and goals can be detrimental to your overall journey and create despair where you should be seeing how far you have already come.

We try to foster a balance at SchuBox Athletics, that the competitive nature will help you push yourself, but also camaraderie that we understand and except where everyone starts and is at.

This is sometimes hard for both new and old members to grasp. Sometimes old members hit a plateau and need to take a step back to rework some technique. Or they are out running an obstacle course race and roll and ankle, or doing yard work and try to yank out a stump and hurt their back. There are a myriad of reasons but a set back can feel mentally defeating at times, especially when you see the person you were lifting the same as PR.

All I can say is honor your journey, your path is your path and not someone else’s. This journey of fitness is hopefully for the rest of your life. You have the rest of your life to get and stay strong. Your goals will come if you stay consistent and keep pushing yourself. I know this as I start to approach 40 I am still hitting personal bests and surpassing what I thought I was capable of on a given day.

As for that girl lifting heavier weights and that guy smoking you on the runs. This is a snap shot of their journey. They may have been working on running or lifting with small steady increments for years. They have put in their work to get where they are. We all come into the gym with our own pasts, baselines, and experiences so don’t pit yours against theirs. Instead use them as a rabbit, slowly and steadily gaining ground on them and improving to be the best version of yourself.

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