Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum

One degree doesn’t seem like a big deal. Put in perspective though it can make a huge impact. Take a plane flight, just one degree on a short flight from Seattle to SFO would put your landing strip either in Oakland, if you’re lucky, or 13 miles into the Pacific Ocean. You compound that effect over a longer flight and you would end up in a completely different country.

Life is made up of little one degree decisions all day and just like one decision isn’t going to make or break you, consistently making positive choices over a long period of time really add up into significant changes into your life.

Most of us have heard of the story of a Childs choice to inherit either a penny that doubles everyday or 5 million dollars on that day . After 10 days the total of the penny inheritance would be$10.24 but after 20 it would be just above 10k but after just one month it would be close to 10 million.

The key ingredient here is a compounding effect. The idea if I can make one positive change at a time over a long period of time the cumulative difference in my life will be enormous.

Fitness and health are similar in small changes like moving for 20 minutes everyday can have big impact when starting out. As you ramp up low hanging fruit like consistently staying hydrated and getting enough sleep (8 hours) will do more than adding double days or extra hours of cardio on top of a 5-6 day workout week.

As you start adding in elements to your health/career/relationship journeys make sure not to overwhelm yourself. Start with one element, make sure you have it dialed in and once you are good, then add another.

*Drink 1 oz of water for every 2 lbs of weight

*Move a minimum of 20 minutes of focused exercise (don’t know what to do or where to start we have a DB program for you at our website)

*Focusing on strength - add 1 accessory movement 2 times a week to work on that strength.

*Feeling drained - make sure you are getting enough sleep the majority (85%) of the time

Good luck on your journeys and remember Rome wasn’t built in day and nobody just woke up one day completely off course from their plan. It’s going to take time and consistent work to stay on course. And just like flying, outside forces will push you off course so don’t get upset when you check in and find yourself off again. Just course correct and keep moving forward!

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