Our Story

We are the SchuBox Athletics. We support one another in our pursuit of health, happiness and community. We came into existence and have grown rather organically but it is only through hard work and a real purpose that we have opened up our own affiliate and moved into a new gym space.

We have changed the lives of many. From stories of dramatic weight loss and incredible improvement in physical ability, to amazing turnaround stories and triumph over adversity. Similar facilities have touched and forever altered the paths for hundreds of thousands of people just like you and me.

We are Rich & Ana Schuster, owners of SchuBox Athletics (‘Coaches Profile’ section coming soon). Our story has humble beginnings, our members are great people, and we are consistently amazed at being given this opportunity to help so many.

Finding CrossFit

Ana was going through her Firefighter classes and some of her friends were telling her about this CrossFit thing and how it is perfect for helping her to prepare for her Fire academy. Eventually she found a great gym locally and started with one fateful 5:30am class and never looked back. I, on the other hand, was skeptical and didn’t know
how this bare boned gym was going to help me get in shape. I was “globo vgym-ing” and figured what I was doing was just as good. I watched her progress much quicker than I and eventually came to the realization that “hey, my wife might just be able to kick my butt.”

I hesitantly went to my first workout and they talked in these words and phrases that I had never heard before (power snatch? That sounds a little inappropriate…). I decided to commit to it anyway and was left shaken at just how de-conditioned I was. And so it began, the beginning of that bug. I consumed everything CrossFit and was just happy to be surrounded by people who wanted to work as hard as I did. I was loving my new found athleticism, plus the CrossFit community was filled with some pretty awesome guys and girls that from day one quickly became new friends in the area. December 2011 was a turning point in our lives, we had a lot of changes happen quickly and with limited time and resources to commute to our box we decided to build a box in our home.

Garage Gym

One barbell, one kettlebell, an ab mat, some super cheap mats, and a home made squat rack with pull up bar big enough for one person. That was our gym. Oh yeah, and a barely enough space to fit a barbell. Eventually one of our friends came and asked to workout with us, he was looking for a drastic change and figured what we were doing looked radical enough to be that change. He was member #1, we soon found out we needed more room. We cleaned up the garage, sold/donated/hauled to the dump everything that wasn’t needed, put up some pull up bars for 6 and painted the walls – you know, to make it look more ‘official’ – as if the house surrounding the garage didn’t give it away that we were running the whole thing out of our home.

Within a few weeks, we had our second member. By the end of the summer of 2011, we had about 10 members total. There were people actually crazy enough to show up to our house and use the front lawn, street, and small garage as their ‘gym’. And they loved it. In fact, most of our ‘original garage crew’ is still with us. They are more than just members – they are the foundation our gym and our community is built on – and community is what SchuBox Athletics is all about.

Second Home

Running a garage gym out of our house, as it turns out, wasn’t that hard at all. People came out, loved it, and stayed but as our numbers continued to grow, we grew right out of our garage space. If we wanted to continue to accommodate new members (which we did!), we were going to have to find a bigger space.

We were thrilled to have found a small spot on Old Santa Rita Road, not too far from the major highways, or from our house. Our original crew has helped us move in and get ready. As with everything else in life though that season has passed and after 2 years we had to set out to find a bigger and better location!

A New Home

Onward and Upward! After a very long search we are settled into SchuBox CrossFit’s new location at 425 Boulder Court suite 800 Pleasanton, Ca. With even more room we are ready to reach even more people and continue to grow our community, we are thrilled with how things have turned out and look forward to seeing you at a free class in the near future.

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Have you worked out before? Ever tried CrossFit? Let us know what your current fitness level and experience is. We would love to help you with your goals no matter where you are in your fitness journey.